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Rochester; New York's third-largest metropolitan area, features a unique blend of history and innovation. Many of the homes and commercial buildings in downtown Rochester are original, dating back a century or more, while others are undergoing renovations to become modern lofts and workspaces.

Discover Rochester, NY year round and enjoy our thriving city. From Rochester's wide ranging culinary scene to visiting one of the many festivals Rochester hosts or even stopping by neighborhood boutiques to explore a shopper's paradise, you're sure to find something to love! We can go on and on to tell you why to visit Rochester, but we'd rather show you.
Rochester, located in the Finger Lakes region, is a four-season destination. Each season provides unique and varied experiences. Nicknamed the Flower City, visitors to Rochester can experience the true meaning of the Flower City with the sights and scents of beautiful parks and gardens. Summertime is very green, with opportunities to enjoy the outdoors at festivals, parks, waterways and more. Fall’s vibrant colors can be seen everywhere from our city center, to our neighborhoods and countryside. Winter means plenty of snow for enjoying winter sports, ice-skating, skiing, sledding and more. The average temperature in the summer is 78ºF (26 C); and the average temperature in the winter is 32ºF (0 C).

Get in and out of the area by plane, train, car or even boat. Ground transportation is readily available and affordable. The Rochester Transit Center offers a comfortable hub for bus travelers at just $1 a ride. Traffic will be rarely a problem; Rochester was listed as the shortest commute in America. Average travel time will be about 15-20 minutes in and around the city and neighborhoods. The Greater Rochester International Airport is a comfortable and affordable way to travel. For more transportation and group travel options see these partners.
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