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Velvet Belly
3 Rochester Public Market, Rochester, NY 14609

(June 2021) Starting this month, Rochestarians have an incredible new restaurant to enjoy and rave about.

We visited with Josh Miles, owner of Velvet Belly, to learn a bit about what he has in store for his patrons. Miles connected with REDCO for the Velvet Belly project to help see it through to fruition.

"The menu is primarily seafood-centric, but we will also include items such as steak, pasta dishes, and sushi.", said Miles. "We also have an incredible wood-fired grill that will provide us a variety of menu options."

Miles, who is also the driving force behind The Revelry, Branca, and Bitter Honey, relocated from Charlston, South Carolina in the late 2000s, quickly establishing himself. Since then, he and his wife have quickly added many notable destinations to the Rochester Restaurant scene.

Velvet Belly is located in the Rochester Public Market, and is now open.
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