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 The Commissary
Sibley Square  |  250 E Main St, Rochester, NY 14604

Our local area food scene is about to get a lot larger, thanks to Rochester’s first kitchen incubator – The Commissary!

Located within the Mercantile on Main, The Commissary’s mission is to provide a place to support startup food businesses. “We connect startups to real assets and help them grow into their own space. We want to bring them in, and help them grow out.” says Laura Fox O’Sullivan, The Commissary President.

With a background in Urban Planning and also serving as Vice President of the Rochester Downtown Development Corporation, O’Sullivan considers herself “part of a generation that wants to rebuild the rustbelt” and is motivated by “watching so many startup restaurants fail and lose so much in the process”.

Our tour of the space revealed state-of-the-art equipment and planning services that any restaurant could ask for. In just over a year since accepting applications, The Commissary now has 28 members, despite ramping up through the pandemic. “Even though the runway was longer than we thought it would be, more people are talking about what we can do and provide, especially our current members.” says O'Sullivan.
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